Frequently Asked Questions (2021)


Where is the camp?

In-Town Programs are run in Edmonton, Calgary, and Rocky Mountain House.  The program activities take place at different locations throughout the week. An information package including drop off and pick up locations will be sent to you prior to your program.

The Mountain Camp is based out of the Cavalcade Group Site (64km west of Nordegg).

What are the COVID-19 safety precautions?

Our 2021 programs will be run in very small groups.  There will be less than 20 people per group, including teachers and guides.

We will monitor AHS regulations closely, and specific rules will be set closer to the start of camp, depending on the situation at that time.  Please be prepared to: wear masks, maintain a safe distance, answer daily health questionnaires, and provide negative COVID-19 test results prior to your camp. Further information regarding specific information we will require prior to your In-Town, or Mountain Camp program will be emailed to you.


What is the registration deadline?

There is no deadline on registration. Due to the small group sizes, sessions will fill up very quickly so it is recommended that you complete your registration as early as possible. Keep in mind that there will be online course work to be done for all sessions that must be done prior to attending camp. Registrations after the course work due date may still be accepted, but will be done on an individual basis. The course work will still be required to be completed.

What are the entrance criteria?

Due to the condensed length of these courses, the learning environment is fast-paced and students are required to have strong reading and writing skills. Because it is an intense program, it is not recommended for students with a history of severe anxiety, depression or learning disabilities. If you are unsure about the fit of the program for your needs, please contact Progressive Academy prior to registration to discuss your learning needs.

Special dietary needs?

The camp runs a nut-free kitchen and can cater to most types of diets including celiac, dairyfree, vegan, vegetarian and most religious diets. For halal or kosher, we request that you bring your own meat. An extra fee applies for special dietary requests such as celiac, dairy-free and vegan. If you have any questions, please contact Progressive Academy.

What is the payment policy?

Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. A $200.00 deposit is required following acceptance of your application. The balance will be due in May. Once registration has been accepted and confirmed, the cancellation policy is in effect.

What is the cancellation policy?

Notice of cancellation must be received in writing. Cancellations received more than 14 days after registration (and more than 30 days from start date) are subject to a $100 cancellation fee. There are no refunds if the cancellation notice is received less than 30 days prior to the session start date.

If any of the camps do not run due to restrictions imposed by the government, a full refund will be given.

If the student cannot attend due to COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test, a full refund is given.

If a student is sent home due to COVID-19 symptoms or the camp is cancelled mid-session due to COVID-19, a pro-rated refund will be given based on how many days of camp the student attended.

What are the Parent Information sessions?

Parent information sessions will be held online. Details regarding the presentations will be emailed to registrants in early May.

What do I need before attending?

When registering for MAS, you will be asked to complete an online medical form, and to read and sign the terms and conditions. Once registration has been accepted, you will be emailed an Assumption of Risk form that must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian and the participant, and returned to Progressive Academy. We will also require a copy of the student’s birth certificate and most recent report card from the school they are currently attending. Once payment has been made, students will be forwarded the online course work information, with due dates.


What should I remember to bring?

In-Town Programs: A daily equipment list will be sent to you in your information package. On a daily basis you will need rain gear, outer layers depending on the weather, a water bottle, lunch, a notebook and a pencil/pen.

Mountain Camp: An equipment list will be available on the website and a copy will be sent to you in advance of your program. Please ensure that you follow the equipment list and arrive with enough clothes to last the full week of your program. There will be no need for spending money – there are no convenience stores at the campground!

What should I not bring?

Do not bring valuables, knives or any snacks containing nuts. Smoking or vaping is not allowed.

Do I need to bring my own tent?

We provide high quality tents for all out trip programs. Please contact the Program Director if you wish to bring your own tent.

Can I bring my own bike?

The camp has adequate bikes for everyone to participate in the program. Our bikes are uniform, high quality bikes. Please contact the Program Director if you wish to bring your own bike. Please note, we do not have room to transport personal bikes to and from the camp. You will need to arrange your own transportation should you wish to bring your own bike.


Why is there pre-course work for each program?

Part of the course work needs to be completed at home as it requires online research.  Due to the condensed nature of the courses, we also simply don’t have enough time to cover all required learning points while at camp.

What material is covered in the pre-course work?

Please see the Course Work Summary for your program. The summaries outline all of the courses required for each section of the camp.

When will teachers be able to help for pre-course work?

Teacher will be available to assist you as you complete your online course work. You can expect regular check-ins from your teacher for each online course you are completing to ensure you are on track with the due dates for assignments. Teachers will be available by email once you have received your login information for the online system.

How do school credits get earned?

Mountain Adventure School is just that: it is a school environment.
Normal school rules apply. In order to earn credits, the student must complete and pass each course.

Feedback is provided as the students learn. For online courses, feedback for each assignment can be viewed through the online portal. Students may respond on the portal to any feedback given and ask questions through email.

For the Mountain Camps, a debrief session will be a part of the final day. Marks received for the courses completed during the Mountain Camp will be presented at that time. Assessments during the Mountain Camp are based on a continuous evaluation model. Any concerns regarding learning will be discussed as they occur and students may ask for feedback at any time. Parents will be notified early should there be any issues.

Camp Life

What is the supervision like?

We pride ourselves in providing the safest environment possible. All our instructors are highly trained in their fields. Student to Instructor ratios vary according to the activity, ratios always meet or exceed industry standards. There is always a minimum of 2 guides on each program.

What hours does instruction run?

In-Town Programs: Most days our day camps operate from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM. The Wilderness Living Skills day is longer and runs from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM. Students prepare an outdoor dinner for themselves during this day. A complete package will be sent to you prior to your In-Town program that outlines exact times and locations for each day.

Mountain Camp: Students are awoken at 8:00 AM and are active throughout the day. There are instructional hours, and “down time”, where students have free time to reflect on their learning. 9:00 PM is the time at which students end all daily activities and engage in before bed routines. Lights out is 10:00 pm. This is a general guideline as every day is different. We gauge active times and reflection/down times based on the students’ energy levels, and the environment. Our goal is to make learning FUN!

What is the policy regarding behaviour?

There is no smoking, vaping, drinking or drug use allowed at MAS. Students are expected to behave well at all times, and any incidents that affect the well-being of another student or the group (including verbal and physical bullying) can result in expulsion, at which point parents are called to pick up the student. This also includes following any COVID-specific rules that are in place. MAS is a program that depends on the students cooperating to maintain a safe environment. Any behaviour that jeopardizes this will not be tolerated and will be dealt with quickly. There will be no refunds for students sent home for behavioural reasons.