MAS Courses 2024

Course details for Summer 2024 are here!

Click the link below for an overview of all the programs that will be offered this summer as well as dates and locations. Keep scrolling for more detailed information on each camp!

MAS 2024 Course Preview


Make high school credits fun, learn outdoor activities, pursue a career in the outdoor community, or simply enjoy a wilderness adventure with friends – whatever your goal, MAS is a great place to start living, learning and loving the outdoors!

Students can participate in Mountain Adventure School and start earning high school credits
as soon as they’ve completed Grade 9!


Click the links below for details on each level of program offered.

MAS 100 Series

  • Introductory outdoor skills
  • Credit options include:
    • CALM (3 credits)
    • PE 10 or 20 (5 credits)
    • 2 additional CTS credits
  • Two program streams available!
Program 1: MAS 100

If you need flexibility, this is the program for you!
For Phys Ed 10 only, register for MAS 100. This In-City Camp is offered in Edmonton over 5 days.
For those who want the Phys Ed credits but also want to dip their toes in a bigger adventure, register for MAS 100 and MAS 100MC (a five day Mountain Camp).
CALM is available online for any students!


Program 2: MAS 101

This is the ultimate experience!
The Full Mountain Camp combines the two camps above into a 13-day experience in the Rocky Mountains. Register in MAS 101 for an unforgettable adventure!


MAS 200 Series

  • Basic certifications in outdoor skills
    • Standard First Aid (1 credit)
    • Paddle Canada Skills (1 credit)
  • Credits include:
    • PE 20 or 30 (5 credits)
    • 3 additional CTS credits
  • Available for returning MAS students (MAS 201) and new students (MAS 202)!

Take it to the next level!
The camps offers a 14-day experience in the Rocky Mountains, ending with a 3-day river trip. Register in MAS 201 or 202 for the ultimate experience!


MAS 301

  • Intermediate certifications in outdoor skills
    • Paddle Canada Waterfront Instructor (1 credit)
    • Paddle Canada Camping Basics (1 credit)
  • Credits include:
    • PE 30 (5 credits)
    • 3 additional CTS credits 
  • For returning MAS students only

Put the skills and knowledge you’ve gained in previous years to the test!
MAS 301 offers a 14-day experience in the Rocky Mountains, including a 3-day outtrip and a 3-day river trip.


MAS 350

We have had to cancel MAS 350 due to environmental concerns in the region. A new adventure is being planned for 2025.

  • Credits include:
    • 5 CTS credits (individually determined for each participant)

The pinnacle!
MAS 350 returns for 2024 with an epic 6-day trip on the Kootenay River.

Are you interested in MAS 350?  This program will be available to MAS 301 graduates and alumni.  If you are interested, please contact for details


MAS 401

  • Employable outdoor certifications
    • Wilderness Advanced First Aid (1 credit)
  • Credits include:
    • Work experience (3 credits)
    • 2 additional CTS credits
  • For MAS 301 graduates only

The culmination! Join MAS 401 to gain the final skills and experience to be fully employable as an Outdoor Leader or Camp Counsellor.


Registration opens January 8th.