What is Mountain Adventure School?

Designed to provide students the opportunity to achieve high school credits while being immersed in the outdoors, MAS offers a unique learning experience for students from grades 10-12. 

MAS programs meet the AB curriculum outcomes for CALM, Physical Education 10, 20 and 30, and various CTS credits. The courses are provided through a combination of online and in-person instruction, with outdoor pursuits as the medium for learning.  Students will gain skills in lake and river canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, trail biking, camping and wilderness living skills. The online portions allow students to complete theory components on their own time, with guidance and help from certified Alberta teachers. 

There are 2 streams of MAS: In-city programs with an optional Mountain Camp, and the Full Mountain Camp Program.

In-City Programs

Designed to allow students entering Grade 10 the opportunity to achieve Phys Ed 10 through a combination of a week long day camp (5 days) and online learning. In-city camps occur in Edmonton and offer a gentle introduction to outdoor pursuits including lake and river canoeing, climbing, orienteering, and wilderness living skills. In-city programs are a prerequisite for the MAS 100 Mountain Camp.

Optional Mountain Camps

Offered as an add-on to the in-city camp, Mountain Camps occur as a 5 day out-trip in the heart of David Thompson Country. Students will have the opportunity to expand on the outdoor pursuits knowledge gained through the in-city camps, and learn camp operations through remote living. Mountain Camp details are specific to the program level. 

Full Mountain Camps

These camps are for all high school students and are focused around completing Phys Ed 10, 20, or 30 while experiencing the Rocky Mountains. Camps are 13 or 14 days, and in addition to completing Phys Ed, students have the opportunity to earn up five more CTS credits. Students get to experience lake and river canoeing, top
roped climbing, trail biking, river rafting, wilderness living skills and orienteering. The camp culminates with an unforgettable river trip or out trip.

The 4-Year Program

MAS has the unique ability of not only offering high school credits, but also providing a pathway to a career in the outdoors. Graduates of the full MAS program will have employable guiding skills that will allow them to work at any camp in Alberta. For those interested in Outdoor/Adventure Education, Recreation, or Tourism, MAS provides a strong foundation in the skills and knowledge required for careers in these areas.