Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the camp?

The camp is located 20 minutes West of Rocky Mountain House.

What about cell phones?

Cell phones are not permitted at camp.

There is a land line at the camp for emergencies.

Cell phones distract from the experience and pose a safety hazard. For that reason, no electronics are allowed
during the program. If cell phones are seen during program hours, they will be taken away and returned upon
departure. Please note that we cannot be responsible for cell phones, including any confiscated.

Parents please remember, while your son/daughter is at camp…no news is good news!


What is the registration deadline?

There is no deadline on registration. Sessions fill up quickly (some as early as January) so it is
recommended that you complete your registration as early as possible. Keep in mind that there will
be pre-course work to be done for all sessions that may take a week to complete. Registrations
after the course work due date may still be accepted, but we will make special arrangements for
you to hand the materials in upon your arrival.

What are the entrance criteria?

Due to the condensed length of these courses, the learning environment is fast-paced and
students are required to have strong reading and writing skills. Because it is an intense program,
it is not recommended for students with a history of severe anxiety, depression or learning
disabilities. If you are unsure about the fit of the program for your needs, please contact
Progressive Academy prior to registration to discuss your learning needs.

Special dietary needs?

The camp runs a nut-free kitchen and can cater to most types of diets including celiac, dairyfree,
vegan, vegetarian and most religious diets. For halal or kosher, we request that you bring
your own meat. An extra fee applies for special dietary requests such as celiac, dairy-free and
vegan. If you have any questions, please contact Progressive Academy.

What is the payment policy?

Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Payment is required following
acceptance of your application. If you require a payment plan, please contact the registration office
to discuss your needs. Once registration has been accepted and confirmed, the
cancellation policy is in effect. Please refer to the cancellation policy on our website.

What is the cancellation policy?

Notice of cancellation must be received in writing.  Cancellations received more than 14 days after
registration (and more than 30 days from start date) are subject to a $100 cancellation fee.
There are no refunds if the cancellation notice is received less than 30 days prior to the session start date.

What are the Parent Information sessions?

We run two information sessions for our registered students, one in June in both Calgary and
Edmonton, and one in July, only in Edmonton. The dates and locations will be available upon
registration. During this session the Program Director will be available to present information and
answer questions. One session is recommended for new students and at least one of their
parents. Your attendance at one off these sessions can be booked through the registrar.

What do I need before attending?

When registering for MAS, you will be asked to complete an online medical form, and to read and
sign the terms and conditions. Once registration has been accepted, you will be emailed an
Assumption of Risk form that must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian, and returned to
Progressive Academy. We will also require a copy of the student’s birth certificate and most recent
report card from the school they are currently attending. Once payment has been made, students
will be forwarded the pre-course package, with due dates. Students are required to bring a hard
copy of their completed work with them to MAS.



What should I remember to bring?

An equipment list is available on the website and a copy will be sent to you in advance of your
program. Please ensure that you follow the equipment list and arrive with enough clothes to last a
week, and coins and laundry soap to do your laundry for the final week. Spending money is optional,
but a small amount may be nice for the laundry day, and odd stop at the snack shop in Nordegg!

What should I not bring?

Do not bring valuables, knives or any snacks containing nuts. Smoking or vaping is not allowed.

Do I need to bring my own tent?

We provide high quality tents for all out trip programs. Please contact the Program Director if you
wish to bring your own tent.

Can I bring my own bike?

The camp has adequate bikes for everyone to participate in the program. Our bikes are
uniform, high quality bikes. Please contact the Program Director if you wish to bring your own
bike. Please note, we do not have room to transport personal bikes to and from the camp. You
will need to arrange your own transportation should you wish to bring your own bike.



Why is there pre-course work for each program?

Part of the course work needs to be completed at home as it requires online research.

What material is covered in the pre-course work?

MAS 101: some of the CALM modules (Units 4 and 5).
MAS 201/202: elements of HSS 1080 (Leadership Fundamentals 1)
MAS 301 A: elements of HSS 2080 (Leadership Fundamentals 2), Outdoor Leadership, and Phys Ed 30
MAS 301 B: elements of HSS 2080 (Leadership Fundamentals 2), Outdoor Leadership, and the Camping Basics program
MAS 401: HSS 1010 and HCS 3000 (if not already completed)

When will teachers be able to help for pre-course work?

There will be one evening per week during April and May, plus one week in July. Dates will be
sent out with the coursework on April 1st. Teachers will also be available through email or
phone. Contact the registrar to get in touch with them.

How do school credits get earned?

Mountain Adventure School is just that: it is a school environment.
Normal school rules apply. In order to earn credits, the student must complete and pass each course.
Feedback is provided as the students learn, and a mid-session evaluation is completed to provide
students with a gauge of how they are doing. If a student is struggling, intervention will be applied
early on in the program to ensure success can be achieved. Parents will be notified early should there
be any issues.


Camp Life

What is the supervision like?

We pride ourselves in providing the safest environment possible. All our instructors are highly
trained in their fields. Student to Instructor ratios vary according to the activity, ratios always meet
or exceed industry standards. There is always a minimum of 2 guides on each program.

What hours does instruction run?

Students are awoken at 8:00 am, and free at 9:00 pm. Lights out is 10:00 pm. This is a general
guideline as every day is different. Every moment in between is a learning experience – from
breakfast meetings with the days’ instructions until after dinner journaling or reflection. BUT, the
learning environment is fun!

What is the policy regarding behaviour?

There is no smoking, vaping, drinking or drug use allowed at MAS. Students are expected to
behave well at all times, and any incidents that affect the well-being of another student or the
group (including verbal and physical bullying) can result in expulsion, at which point parents are
called to pick up the student. MAS is a program that depends on the students cooperating to
maintain a safe environment. Any behaviour that jeopardizes this will not be tolerated and will be
dealt with quickly. There will be no refunds for students sent home for behavioural reasons.